Ziv lab at Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Research Center
Our Mission
To improve precision screening and treatment for cancer across diverse populations

Our research 

We are interested in understanding cancer from susceptibility, to progression, to response to therapy. We use a human genetics approach, focusing mainly on the germline (both common and rare variation) but also occasionally studying the tumor at the level of somatic mutation/copy number, and gene expression.  We primarily study breast cancer, but also have projects in multiple myeloma and non-small cell lung cancer.

A special emphasis in our lab is the study of populations underrepresented in medical research.  We are motivated to study these populations for two related reasons: (1) We believe that the discoveries from human genetics will help improve medical care. For all populations to benefit, discovery and validation need to be performed in each population. (2) Since the study of human genetics focuses on human genetic variation, enhancing genetic variation by studying new populations is clearly beneficial.


Principal Investigator:

Elad Ziv, MD

Post-Doctoral Fellows:

Pooja Middha, PhD, Postdoctoral Scholar, Medicine

Jovia Nierenberg, PhD, Postdoctoral Scholar, Epidemiology & Biostatistics


Donglei Hu, PhD, Statistical Geneticist

Scott Huntsman, MS, Programmer

Min Li, Laboratory Technician

Eduardo Cardenas, Clinical Research Coordinator

Ana Fernandez Lamothe, Clinical Research Coordinator


Rosalyn Sayaman, PhD, Associate Researcher, Laboratory Medicine

Yiwey Shieh, MD, Assistant Professor of Population Health Sciences, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Medicine , Weill Cornell Medical College

Former Students:

Caroline Face, BS, UCSF Medical Student

Kyle Roter, BS, UCSF Medical Student